Popcorn Tree Designs

By clicking on some of the images you may be taken to a blog post about the creation and other details of this pattern. I am in the process of updating my blog so check back on your favourite patterns to read the story behind them if I haven't already created a blog post for it







#2019 Cute & Cuddly Kitten Cushion

Size 18" x 18" (46cm x 46cm)

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#2020 Cute & Cuddly Kitten Cot Quilt

Size 45" x 45" (114cm x 114cm)

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#2021 Snuggle & Hoot Cushion

Size 18" x18 " (46cm x 46cm)

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#2022 Cheeky Cats Quilt

Size 54" x 54" (137cm x 137cm)

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